Lalang Field Photography

Have you always wanted to take some photo at a Lalang Field?

Lalang or blady grass is a species of grass in the genus Imperata cylindrical.

It is a perennial rhizomatous grass native to east and southeast Asia, India, Australia and eastern and southern Africa. It grows from 2 - 10 feet tall. The leaves are about 2 cm wide near the base of the plant and narrow to a sharp point at the top; the margins are finely toothed and are embedded with sharp silica crystals. The main vein is a lighter colour than the rest of the leaf. The upper surface is hairy near the base of the plant while the underside is usually hairless. Roots are up to 4 feet deep, but 1½ feet is typical in sandy soil.

Common names include speargrass, blady grass (Australia), lalang (Malaysia), silver spike (eastern & southern Africa) or cogon grass (USA).

I went for photo-shoot with the Lalang...
Sunday morning, I went to a place which I found out from my friend, Noel ( for photography.

This place is really a great place for photography, I like the place as there are no building estate around. I'm a nature lover!

I got the chance to ask a friend to help me took some photo with the lalang. It was a pretty hot weather at around 11plus for photo-shooting.

Here are some of the photo which were taken by my friend:

Guess where is this place?
It is in Singapore! Yes it is at Punggol!
How To Get To Punggol Lalang Field?
- It is at Tebing Lane.
- You have to take MRT to Punggol.
- Change LRT to Riveria LRT Stn.
- Then you will see Popeye restaurant.
- Walk to Popeye Restuarant.
- Walk all the way in and you will see a staircase to the river.
- Turn left after you walk down the staircase.
- Then walk all the way untill you see this nice lalang field.

Maybe I would suggest going there around 4-5pm when it is more cooler.
And if you are going there for photograghy, pls bring a towel/ tissues and drinks.

Have fun taking photo!!!



  1. Hi, nice picture taken at the Lalang field. May i know how to go there?

  2. thanks for the info :D

    not sure if it's still accessible this time...

  3. Is the place still available?