Have A Break & Have Fun At The Zoo

Feeling Stress? You need to have a break? It's vital for your health to have a break from time to time in your daily life- your everyday routine and all those things that you do each day.

If you have not been taking a break, it may not be a good sign as it can easily lead to physical and mental stress. Stress as we all know, can lead to serious implications for our health. So it is best to take a break from it and resume the work once calm and collected.

It don't have to be a long-term break but a short-term break lasting from an hour to a day might just boost your academic performance at work or in school.

This is what I did on a weekend. I planned a Zoo Outing with my friends.
Have a break, have a zoo outing!!!

We had fun & excitement!

It was my 2nd time to the Zoo for all my life. I was really excited before this outing. I got my camera fully charged and prepare some snacks for everyone.

The Singapore Zoo, set in a rainforest environment and it's world famous "open concept” offers the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the wonders of nature. It is home to over 2,500 specimens from 316 species, 36% of which are threatened. The zoo also attracts about 1.6 million visitors a year.

It is no doubt that this is the most ideal place for you to take a break and get up close to nature and the animals.

Look at this!!! The adult Hamadryas Baboons stopping the little Hamadryas Baboons from running away. So funny!!!

These giant turtles are really huge!!! They are bigger than the small boy!!!

Look at them, beautiful? I mean the flower beautiful right... Haha...

Well all beautiful la... =)

See! We really having a lot of fun in the Zoo! Don't mistook us as monkey just because we jump around and hang around. Lol.

We are all for SALE!!! Haha any buyer?

The animal show- Rainforest Fights Back

This is a rare white peacock! Looked very magical right?

Having a break can also be....
-browsing Facebook
-reply the latest Twitter
-reading the news
-enjoying a cup of coffee

Or enjoying a Kit Kat chocolate like me...

So do take a break once in a while and recharge your soul!

Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break! is a contest organised by Kit Kat ® for illustrators, designers and artists to give their own creative spin on what taking a break means to them.

Know More about Yer Big Break!

Illustrators, designers and artists! Fancy seeing your artwork ply the streets on a public bus? Simply create an original piece of art that is your interpretation of taking a break, and stand to win $1000 cash, as well as a chance for your design to be exhibited, produced and distributed island-wide – including a bus-wrap showcase!

Your piece can be an illustration, a photographic collage, a typography design or anything you can imagine, as long as it is two-dimensional and features a significant amount of KIT KAT ® red.

Flex your creative muscles as individuals or teams of 3 or less!

1) Original artwork should be done in at least A3 size, 300dpi, and must feature a significant amount of KIT KAT ® red.

2) Submissions must be made in pdf format no larger than 2MB in size (low-res preview)

Submissions must include:
(i) Artwork
(ii) Minimum 30 word description of how the artwork represents ‘taking a break’
(iii) Your full name, IC no, email address and mobile number
(iv) Email submissions to yerbigbreak@gmail.com before 20 June 2011.

Shortlisted finalists will be informed via phone and email, by July 2011.

1) 70% Creativity/Originality/Aesthetic Value –
Are your design ideas beautiful, smart, unique and downright cool?
Does it make us go WOW and wish we’d thought of that first?

2) 30% Theme Fulfillment –
How well does the artwork reflect the theme of ‘taking a break’?
Does it feature the KIT KAT ® red?

More information on this contest is available on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scapesg?sk=app_4949752878