Guinness Live Round 41- HOWIE vs KENNY

Last Wednesday at Dragonfly, it was another round of Guinness Live PK Challenge between Kenny & Howie! It was an exciting match between them!

Howie take over the stage 1st with his "Rocker style" singing that evening.

The judges like the way Howie sang but wished that he would change his style of singing someday. I agreed with both hand up!

Kenny from Team Dragonfly

The mentor find that his dressing was too relax but others find it nice.
What do you think?

The audience gave their loudest cheer for their favorite singers!!!

The invited judges also went up stage and gave thier precious comments to the Guinness Live's contestants.

Let's see who is the WINNER that night!!!!

Congrats to Howie for winning that night!

A friendship hug! =)


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  1. Hi William! dropping by to say hi as we are gonna be teammates for the Greenwich challenge. See ya this sat! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka