Get your products at more affordable price at FairPrice Finest @Scotts Square!!!

Hi all, here a good news to share!!!
Many of you may not know that NTUC FairPrice had opened the ninth Finest Supermarket at Scotts Square! Now shoppers at Orchard can get their products at a more affordable price and also explore new stuffs at the supermarket.

Store Address:
6 Scott Road
#B1-03to07 and B1-10
Scotts Square

Operating Hours:
8am - 11pm daily

Thanks FairPrice Finest for inviting me to their evening cocktail event to celebrate the opening of the latest FairPrice Finest in Scotts Square on 2 February 2012 (Thursday).

Me and HongPeng attended the event together.

They are the FairPrice Finest's boys!!!

Look at what they want to tell you with this creative way!!!

Look at the invited guests that day.
It was a remarkable evening event with live jazz music and free flow canap├ęs and drinks.

A big smile from the staff of FairPrice Finest.

Ok!!! Let me show you guys around the NTUC FairPrice Finest Supermarket @ Scotts now!!!
They offers a wide range of specially selected fresh foods, great store ambience and personal customer service.

FairPrice Finest aims to bring the fine life closer to shoppers at fair price.
Offering the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS with 70% of the items found in all FairPrice outlets at the same price and 30% comprising of a cosmopolitan selection of premium and gourmet products sourced from all over the world.

To top this all off, Service Ambassadors are also available to oofer shoppers information on the available products and even guidance on how certain products can be used.

During my tour in FairPrice Finest Supermarket, I also realised that they offers a wide range of fruits and there is a section of fruits from Japan too!

Look at this big red fresh Strawberries!!!
Hmm.. Strawberries, they are my favourite!

They also have a special selection of wines for customers to select too!

Wow! They also have my favourite Ferreo Rocher too! Now in Valentine's Day Packaging too! Buy one to express your love to your friends or love one today!

Look closely what did you realised?
Not that one you are thinking la...
It's the electronic price tag on the shelf!
Every products are tagged with this electronic tags to ensure the accuracy of the pricing.

I love their biscults and snacks section!!!

At FairPrice Finest Supermarket offers a wide range of japanese snacks too! Yummy!!!
Start shopping there and you will find some of your favorite snacks like me too!!!

OMG so cute right!!!

Before the left the event, I managed to take a group photo of the staff of NTUC FairPrice Finest.

NTUC FairPrice Finest are really nice to me!
Before I left, the staff passed me a goodie bag with some products like Delhalze Olive Oil, New Leaf Sweet Tea, Taylors of Harrogate Peppermint Tea, La Favozila Figh Tomato Sauce, Crispbic Mixed Herb $ Garlic Mini Bagels, Valrhona Chocolates and De Cecco Pasta.

Thanks NTUC FairPrice Finest!