Are you the Kiasu, Kaisi or Complain King/Queen type?

Wondering what type of Singaporean are you?
Those Kiasu or Kiasi type?
Or those like to Complain King/Queen?

To find out, you can actually go to this website - now and take part in a fun Quiz- "What Type of Singaporean Are You?"

"It's My Turn" is a simple online quiz that analyses your personality to find out "What type of Singaporean Are you?"

Yeah!!! Click here to take part now! =)

I have taken mine and from this fun quiz I'm know as the
"Take It Easy Singaporean"!
This is realli soooooo ME leh!!!
Hahaha... =D

There are different personalities and you can choose to retake it if you think the resulting personality does not decribe you well. Have fun taking the quiz!!!

You can also help to raise funds to rebuild Boy's Town facilities!
Visit and do your part now!

This is really an interesting website and you gotta check out the 4 categories of result (Speak, Eat, Play & Do) generated from the quiz! It is really quite true and funny to read them. Go read them!!!

From the "Eat" category

Well I think the food are better now...
I heard worse during my father's day... He said the rice taste like rock sometime... Hahaha

From the "Speak" Category I found out that 43% of the Singaporean speak a Rojak of English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and Singlish! I'm one of them!!! Hahaha...

Let see what Singaporean think when there is a flood from the "Do" catergory.

This was a photo taken at Lucky Plaza while I was shopping at Orchard Road in Dec 2011.
What???? 50% said no big deal just stay at home.
5% said save the Merlion (Wahahahah... That's so funny!!!)

And let's see the "Play" category!!! If there is a new movie opening tomorrow...

34% said they are always free for a movie!
Hmm that is what I do too sometimes!

create animated gif

I'm a movie lover!!! And I would often ask a few friends out to watch movie together.
I'm sure watching movie is what a lot of Singaporean will do for relaxation!

Also check out what are some of the common words that Singaporean always used in their day to day life. Words like "Chope" meaning to reserve seat. I like to use some of the words like "Chope", "Bo Jio" ,"Win Liao Lor" stated at the website too! Find out what other interesting Singaporean words and phrases here.

Wait no more now!!!
Visit now and also try taking part in the quiz too!!!Link

Have fun!!! =)