For those who missed out Super Junior Super Show 4...

Guys, I hereby presenting to you Super Junior Show 4!!! SCREAM!!!!
Yes, the nine boys of Super Junior (Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Kyuhyun) were in Singapore last weekend!!!

Thanks F&N for the ticket to Super Junior Show 4 last Saturday!!!
It was the 2nd time watching their concert after watching it last year at the indoor stadium.

Me and some of the other bloggers who attended the concert felt really honoured to be able to grab one of the best seat for the concert with the stage directly in front of us. Some lucky fans from my row got to shake hands with the boys of Super Junior! So you can tell how good our seats were right... And yes it was a 2 days sold-out concert over the weekend!!! For those who missed the performances, I had tried to take some photo for you all. Scroll down for more! And some video of that day performance which I found online!

Opps I accidentally shot this photo and saw Siwon wearing "Ralph Lauren" brands Underwear.
So fans of Siwon!!! This is extra info for you that Siwon love "Ralph Lauren" brand Underwear. Hahaha...

It was a high fun night!!!
You can hear fan screaming and cheering throughout the concert!

There was a few times, Siwon even jumped off the stage to get closer to the fans, and that sent the female audiences in the seated area shrieking in excitement!

Super Junior are really idols with no airs and always trying their best to make their fan happy and enjoy their performance.

Over 11,000-strong audience for the two-nights attened the concert hear their singing and saw them dance and play around on stage.

The 36-song concert set list got fans on the high, complete with choreographed dance moves, pyrotechnics, laser shows, water works and lifting cranes. The 9-member group put up a stunning and memorable performance with both energetic and soulful numbers, like “Mr Simple”, “Bonamana”, “Walkin’”, “Feels Good” and “A-Cha”.

And each of them had their solo stages to showcase their individual talents too. Shindong and Sungmin cross-dress segment drew much cheers and laughters from the crowd. Shindong “transformed” into 4minute’s HyunA in his solo segment, and delivered his “sexy” rendition of her hit tracks “Trouble Maker” and “Bubble Pop”.

The boys really know how to entertained their fans!!!
When the group sang the track “Good Friends”, Sungmin came out dressed as Marilyn Monroe, and Shindong took the stage in an air-stewardess outfit, mimicking Britney Spears in her “Toxic” music video.

Lee Teuk teared!!!Yes there were some emotional moments during the gig. As the group performed the ballad “Our Love”, snippets of SJ’s memories were screened on the stage screens. Emotions run high and leader Leeteuk teared.

For those who missed the show, here are some of Super Junior Show 4 Concert found online: