Sorry I ate your friend!!!

Lobster A: Where is Lobster C?
Lobster B: Earlier a man KIDNAPPED him away and I don't know what happened!!!
William: I'm sorry he is with me.

 Kim’s Place Seafood
43 Joo Chiat Place 
Singapore 427767
T: 6742 1119
11.30am-3am daily

 Sometime back I went for a dinner with my friends.

I think a lot of Hokkien Mee's lover will definitely know this place is famous for their "Hokkien Mee" and the picture on the left is actually the legendary "Hokkien Mee's Master" Tan Kue Kim with gusto. How not to when Mr Tan is style personified - attired in a long sleeve shirt and donning a Rolex watch - while frying, err.....    Hokkien Mee ?

In 2003, Kim's moved to Joo Chiat Place (their current flagship). Conveniently located in the heart of Singapore; and coupled with a huge car park space. It was no wonder Kim's would go on to double their dedication to innovating new dishes, such as crabs fried with fermented beancurd. XO mee, cheese lobsters, cheese crabs and many others.

Shannon (, me, Mr Yong Tan (son of the senior Tan) and HongPeng (

Mr Yong Tan (son of the senior Tan) instilled his own modern day managed practices into Kim's and carried on with the rich legacy of his dad, but he too came up with something unique - the hugely popular "Hokkien Oyster Mee", which retains the original flavour of the Hokkien mee while spicing it up with the addition of fresh oysters.

In this new age, Kim's dishes have been a fusion of tradition and western modernization. for example, cheese has been used on some of Kim's signature dishes, the "cheese live lobsters" and "cheese crabs" coming into mind.  In additional, Kim's seafood are mainly imported from abroad their crabs are of three different grades, and available in 12 different cooking styles, which would leave you spoilt for choice.

It's not just authentic Hokkien cuisine that you will get at Kim's Hints of Nonya and Western flavour can also be found in their dishes.

Read more on the history here.

1st dish up is...
 Cold Jelly Fish with Shredded Roasted Duck

Everyone tossing with high spirit!!!
Chinese New Year Mood!!!

"Tai Ji" Vegetable Thick Soup with seafood.
This dish is interesting, I hear from the boss it is actually pumpkin and spinach combined.
Looked really cool right!!

Cheese Lobster.
Opps that is Lobster C in there.

 Fresh and delicious!
I prefer lobster than crab because the meat comes out one whole piece like this.
More easy to eat too for lazy people like me....

Tea Fragrance Smoked Spring Chicken.
Tender and juicy!

 Steamed Sultan Fish with Oyster Sauce.
The fish doesn't have too fishy taste.
Very fresh and delicious!

 Broccoli with Dried Shrimp & Honshimeiji Mushroom.
I love veggies!!! =)

 X.O (Extra Oyster) Hokkien Mee
This was the bigger plate of Hokkien Mee with lot of "Liao" (Ingredients)  inside.
Oysters and prawns are fresh too!
Perfect for sharing!!! I had 2 serving!!!

 Ending our meal with a nice dessert.
Sweet Corn Milk Jelly with Vanilla Ice-cream

This is sure a great place for dinner with your friends and family!!!
Must try the Hokkien Mee and Cheese Lobster!!!

 Kim’s Place Seafood
43 Joo Chiat Place 
Singapore 427767
T: 6742 1119
11.30am-3am daily