Gold Kili Instant Beverages makes my day!!!

What are the instant beverages you normally drink at home or in the office?
May I introducing you a new selection of original and delicious instant beverages from Gold Kili!

From left: Double Shot Instant White Coffee, Kopi-O Kosong &Double Shot Instant White Milk Tea.
Kopi-O Kosong ($4.40):
Experience the finest grounded Arabica beans in a cup. This unique blend of coffee boost is full-bodied and has a sustained balance of flavour. Drink it as it is or with the amount of sugar you desire. Where nothing less will do but a perfect cup of coffee.

Double Shot Instant White Tea ($6.50):
A rich, intensive fragrant tea extracted from premium grade black tea leaves. Its taste is reminiscent of Hongkong's famous si mat nai cha ("stocking milk tea"). Yes extra shot for extra "oomph".

And lastly is the Double shot Instant White Coffee ($6.50).
This is my favourite instant beverage among all, although all tasted great!!!
Do try it and I'm sure you will love it like me!!! =)
See my DOUBLE SHOT in my cup!!!
Feel so great to have a nice warm coffee every morning!!!
And before I forget to tell you all about Inulin which is added in his coffee!!!
Inulin is a group of naturally occurring polysaccharides (simple sugars produced by many types of plants). It is known to increase calcium absorption while promoting the growth of intestinal bacteria.
Time for coffee!!!
See!!! Even Oswald, the lucky rabbit also want to have my coffee!!!
And I'm more than happy to share with him and all my friends!!!

Good coffee just makes my day!!!
Enjoy drinking Gold Kili Instant Beverage today!!!

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