My 1st DIY Yule Log for Christmas!!!

Christmas is coming soon.
What's comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?
Is it the Roasted turkey, X'mas tree, Santa Claus...
To me, Yule log comes to my mind.

What is a Yule log?
It is a large and extremely hard log which is burned in the hearth as a part of traditional Yule or Christmas celebrations in several European cultures. It may also be associated with the Winter Solstice festival or the Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Twelfth Night. The expression Yule log has also come to refer to log-shaped Christmas cakes, also known as chocolate logs.

 Yes!!! That's me which a nice
Christmas and Birthday cake!
Why do I have a Christmas Cake as my birthday cake?
Well because I was born on Christmas day, 25 December!!!
When I was young, my mum started to buy Christmas Cake as my Birthday Cake every year and we will always celebrate at my grandma's place with all my other relatives.
So my birthday party is kind of a Christmas party to everyone too. It is a time of sharing love and joy!!! We will gathered together for great food and drinks. Gift exchange too!!! Haha...

A lot of people said I am so lucky to born on this day cause it is HOLIDAY for everyone and I will get double present. But actually it was a 2in1 present most of the time. haha.....
But honestly I am very happy to be borned on this day.

I designed my own Yule Log for the 1st time!!! =)
Recently I went to The Icing Room and tried designing a Mini Design-It-Yourself Yule Logs (Selling at $18.80) and it was really fun!!! You should try it too!!!
 So this is the mini log. Available in Vanilla Strawberry and chocolate flavours.
 an comes with 5 piping cream and some Christmas icing décor
for you to DIY the log of your own.
 I was a bit greedy cause I saw several cute décors and bought extra to decorate my mini log. =)
I enjoy the idea of decorating a cake myself.
Cause only then the cake are unique and
no other people will have the same cake as mine. =p

 Add in the trees... It's so fun!!!
It is like decorating my land, what I want to have outside my house etc... Haha...
Yes, I want a snowman too!!!
Too bad Singapore too hot and cannot have one outside my house...
 When I was there I also saw some other sweet couple decorating their cake.

 Try DIY a cake for someone special next time!
I'm sure he or she will love it!

Ok!!! My cake it done!!!

Nicely packed into a nice Christmas Themed Cake Box!!!
Sorry I forgot to show you my completed Mini DIY Yule Log.
Don't laugh if it is too ugly alright... =)

 That's my unique Mini DIY Yule Log!!!
No one will have this same design as me!!!

It was my 1st time making one, hope it is not too bad. =)

  I always thought that the joy that you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you.
I wish you golden path ahead and filled with love and joy everyday!!!
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

This is my 1st time DIY a Yule Logcake!!!
Please help support!!!

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Bring home a rememorable Yule Cake this Christmas!!!
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