N.E.mation! 7- Checking out the J.W.S.G & Royal Potato at the production site

I'm back at the N.E.mation!7's production site in NYP to check out the 2 allocated teams under me.

So right now, each of the teams have been allocated to a tent like this in NYP for them to do their production.

Guess which team is this? BIG CLUE on the photo!!!

Yes, It's the Royal Potato!!!

From left: Dominic, Chun Guan, Sherry & Sherafina
They are all from Hua Yi Sec Sch.

What do they have to say about taking part in this competition?
"Salutations! We are RoyalPotato. We are called that because we’re Magnificently Awesome! This is our first time joining N.E.mation and... WE MADE IT TO THE TOP 10!!! Through hard work and perseverance, we have made it this far and will continue to work hard so do look forward to our animation. We promise we will amaze you. DO VOTE FOR US ! Thank you ! :)"

Royal Potato at work.

How can I miss a photo with them!!!

This is their story board.
Oh... I just can't wait to see the actual production when it is out!!! =)

Support them by giving a 'like' at their photo at this page- http://nemation.sg/facebook/top10/royalpotato/ now!!!! Yes, they are the Royal Potato #NE7C05 !!!

From Left: Shirley Tan, Wang Ao, Tan Jean Hann

This group of cheerful looking girls are actually J.W.S.G from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School. They are the 2nd team that was assigned to me. Gek Ching was missing from the photo as she was not around on the day when I took this photo. Perhaps you see her soon on my blog.

Let's also hear from them...

What do they said?
"Hey! We're J.W.S.G! Please vote for us! We really really love all your support! :) So please be nice, help us little fishes and vote for us okay. ^_^ ( You did right?) Teehee."

This is J.W.S.G's story board.
Can you tell anything from the pictures?
Stay tuned to see their final production!!! 

Support them by giving a 'like' at their photo at this page- http://nemation.sg/facebook/top10/jwsg/ now!!!! Yes, they are the J.W.S.G #NE7C02 !!!

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