Try the McDonald's Flaming Green Curry Burger today!

Spicy food lover alert!
If you love McSpicy but find it not spicy enough, then I think the new Mcdonald Flaming  Green Curry Burger will definitely suit your tastebuds.

The new Flaming Green Curry Burger comes with a chicken patty seasoned with a mix of spices including chili and capsicum, and topped with lemongrass and coconut sauce. I'm totall loving it and looking forward to try the Mcdonald's fouth spicy burger!

Mcdonald will reveal their fourth spicy burger in late April.
Each Spicy Special consists of your choice of Spicy burger, Yuzu McFizz, and a Large French Fries at $7.40. All spicy burgers except for the McSpicy are available while stocks last.

Are you up for the spicy challenge? Hurry go try it today!
For more details, check out Mcdonald's facebook page.