Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 5 Preliminaries (Result, Photo and Video)

Hi everyone!

I'm very honored to be chosen as the Official Blogger to trail F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5!
Thanks you F&N & for giving me this opportunity! This is also my 5th year being part of Singapore Dance Delight, the greatest dance competition in Singapore!

Last Saturday (26 April 2014), I was covering the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 (Preliminaries) at Vivocity Rooftop Amphitheater.

 Presented by F&N Sparkling Drinks and organized by O School, the winner of the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 (Finals) will be sponsored by F&N to represent ASEA at Japan Dance Delight Vol.21 on August 31, 2014 in Osaka. F&N has been presenting this event for the past 4 years to help young dancer fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Ever since the inaugural Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 in 2010, we have seen an exponential growth in participation every year, especially from the region.

Judging from the queue, you will know it is for sure a dance competition you must not miss watching! =)

It was fully occupied that day ...

and there were many people still queuing outside, 
hoping that they can get in to watch the competition too.

Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 marks the second year that Singapore will be the ASEAN hub for the teams to compete for a chance to groove at Japan Dance Delight in Osaka. Last Saturday, we witnessed 45 dance crews battled it out at the preliminaries of Signapore Dance Delight Vol.5.

As with last year, regional dance delight competitions will be held in Indonesia, Phlippines and Thailand, the top 3 of each countries will be at the finals of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 to compete for the glory of resenting ASEAN at Japan Dance Delight Vol.21. The finals of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 will be held at Kallang Theatre on 10 May 2014.

Judges for Preliminary Round

Respected Dance Instructor and dancer in Singapore

(Watch 0:19 -0:31 for Ryan Tan) 
(O School Dance Recital 2010 - Lyrical Jazz choreographed by Ryan Tan) 


An An
 Well known Dance Instructor and dancer in Singapore

(You changed choreographed by An An)


Ryo Ryo 
Member of the widely popular Beat Buddy Boi dance crew

(Beat Buddy Boi at United We Boogie Japan 2013 - watch 1:05 – 1:12 for Ryo) 
(Solo free-style dance by Ryo)


Photo booth area for public to take a photo and hashtag #FNNSDD5 and get their photo printed for free.

Check out some of the photo taken at the Preliminaries of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5.

You can tell how exciting the dance competition was....
Almost all the dance crew surprised us...

So who are the TOP 15 DANCE CREWS??? 

Congratulation to the 15 Dance Crews who made it to the Final!

1. F.I.X
2. Elders

3. Freekzy Bots

4. Flair Origins

5. Sevengers

6. Limited Edition

7. A.O.C

8. Pinoy Hip Hop
9. WhateverWerkz
10. Busta Soulz
11. The Gentlemen Collective
12. LegitX 
13. Roosevelt 
14. Marwins
15. Amberria

Check out the video filmed by me on the Prelims:

Time for #Selfie!
That's Colin who won last year #FNNSDD4 with me!
On my left is Michelle!

From left is Cheow Yi, Michelle, Carine and me.

If you wanna get the tickets to the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 (Finals), 
hurry visit and get the tickets now!

F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5
Date: 10 May 2014 
Time: 7:00pm (Door opens at 6:15pm) 
Venue: Kallang Theater (Click here for map)
Ticket Pricing: $20 (Stall) & $15 (Circle) [FREE SEATING]