Celebrate Chinese New Year with Coca-Cola!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner!
Coca-Cola is bringing a refreshing twist to spreading good fortune in the upcoming Year of the Goat with auspicious Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans. The specially designed cans bear lucky Chinese characters and are a perfect alternative or complement to the traditional Mandarin oranges.

Now you can refresh and delight your family and friends as you wish them 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' with these limited edition cans. Coca-Cola fans will be lining up to purchase the distinctive red cans which are available in eight auspicious designs — "happiness", "wealth","abundance", "good luck", "prosperity", "fortune", "peace" and "a smooth year".

Each of the eight cans expresses a different wish that can be shared with loved ones, through special design elements highlighting the symbolism behind each greeting, such as Chinese coins to represent fortune and a rice bucket to signify abundance.

The combination of contemporary design graphics with traditional calligraphic greeting characters makes the cans a meaningful gift across generations, perfect for bridging the generation gap and sharing with everyone in the family.

The Lunar New Year is a time to re-connect with family and loved ones, and also a time to make way for incoming good luck. To help people connect with one another this festive season Coca-Cola has a created a Happiness Greeting Machine which allows friends and family to digitally share good fortune and prosperity with their loved ones -perfect for those with family and friends living overseas.

The Happiness Greeting Machines will be located at 20 hyper/supermarkets across the island, in the lead up to Chinese New Year. By purchasing any Coca-Cola products Singapore (excluding single cans and 500mI bottles) shoppers can create their own personalised New Year greeting message and send it to a loved one or friend, along with a digital auspicious Coca-Cola can, via text message or e-mail.

For each digital can and Chinese New Year greeting shared, shoppers will receive an auspicious can of their choice and a free gift from Coca-Cola. They will also be able to spin the Auspicious Wheel of Happiness, with the chance to win other great Chinese New Year goodies.

The Lunar New Year is all about sharing good fortune with your family and friends so if you're looking for a unique way to spread happiness and prosperity then why not grab an ice-cold can of auspicious Coca-Cola!

To view store locations and timings for the Happiness Greeting Machine visit www.coca-cola.com.sg.



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