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There is much more to our everyday choices than meets the eye. For instance, buying groceries for the family can have a direct impact on our environment. 2015 marks a new milestone for F&N MAGNOLIA as it joins the global movement to protect Mother Nature with its latest campaign to introduce its new F&N MAGNOLIA Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) milk cartons.

Protecting the environment starts with YOU. 
By simply reducing, reusing and recycling, each one of us has a vital role to play in reducing the carbon footprint and building a greener nation for our future generations. Collectively, simple efforts have a big impact on the preservation of our planet.

Choose FSCTM–certified cartons 
F&N MAGNOLIA is proud to be one of the first few in the industry to use FSCTM-certified cartons for our 1-litre milk packs. This certification ensures that the paperboard used in F&N MAGNOLIA milk cartons come from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources where new trees are planted to replace those harvested. This means that choosing FSCTM–certified cartons supports the conservation of forests and wildlife and help people lead better lives. Much like how F&N MAGNOLIA has cared for many families across generations, this is F&N MAGNOLIA‟s way to express how it cares for Mother Nature and our future generations. Show your care and choose F&N MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk and protect the world‟s forests.

Leading a green lifestyle does not stop here. Consumers can do more to conserve the Earth by recycling F&N MAGNOLIA FSCTM milk cartons as a planter for growing their very own urban greeneries at home. Growing greeneries is Growing Greatness – not only does it play a part in beautifying our lives with greeneries, it also imparts valuable habits and a sense of responsibility that goes a long way in forging a better life for our family.

For over 75 years, F&N MAGNOLIA has nurtured many families with the nourishing goodness of milk beyond physical nutrition. F&N MAGNOLIA starts the new year by inviting all Singaporeans to join the movement to care for the environment in a fun and interactive manner. The new F&N MAGNOLIA FSCTM milk cartons can now be recycled as plant pots for everyone in the family to start an urban garden at home!

Grow Greatness Diary Instagram Contest

As an added treat, snap photographs of your "Grow Greatness‟ plant grown in F&N MAGNOLIA FSCTM-certified cartons and upload them on instagram with hashtag#fnnmagnolia, #magnoliafsc and #growgreatnessSG. Three lucky winners will each win a 3D2N family staycation at the eco-friendly Siloso Beach Resort at Sentosa. 

Example of photo from F&N Magnolia:

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