Affordable Korean BBQ & Chicken Cuisine at Yorijori Singapore

Have you seen this cute chicken around somewhere?

That's actually Yorijori Chicken Mascot!!!
Yorijori is nestled within the bustling, raucous neighbourhood of Kovan, at Paya Lebar Kovan CC in Singapore! The nearest MRT is Kovan Stn and it is about 2 minutes away from Heartland Mall.

At Yorijori Singapore, you get to enjoy quality Korean cuisine- Korean BBQ, Spicy chicken ribs "Dak galbi", Seafood Pancake "Haemul Pajeon" & Spicy Fried Rice and more! 

So what does Yorijori mean?
The word "Yorijori" literally meaning “look around” and if u separate it "yori" mean cook and "Jori" mean recuperate.

Yorijori Singapore brings you a whole new authentic, exciting Korean dinning experience. 
Customers can enjoy authentic Korean BBQ & chicken cuisine at an alfresco setting. 

The Korean food are really authentic and affordable!
They also provide Free Flow of Ban Chan!

Did you know that apart from the chicken and vegetables, every soup bases & main ingredients, including rice are imported from Korea? Even the tables are imported from Korea. You may also enjoy watching some of the hottest Korean MTV and shows while dining at the restaurant.

Yorijori Singapore is set to add a definite buzz in the heartland- dining scene and inject a new lease of life into the historical.

This is also a great place for couple who like Korean Cuisine.

Some of the food that are available:

1) Dak Galbi 
This is a must have! Great for sharing with 4 pax.


2) Spicy Fried Rice
This is really tasty and delicious!

3) Korean Army Stew
This interesting dish got a story to tell!
It is originated during the Korean War. People made this dish by combining leftover Spam and hot dogs from U.S. Army facilities with whatever else was available. All the leftovers were combined with water in a large pot and boiled.

Need top up?
They have too!

4) Steamed Egg
Hot steamy egg that you should try if you are a egg lovers!

5) Seafood Pancake
Crispy and tasty!

6) Korean BBQ 
We all love them with the green veggie and spicy sauce.

7) Watermelon Soju
A drink that is typically great for any occasion!
Guys and girls all love it!

Bottom up!

Cheers to any occasion with Korean Watermelon Soju or Makgeolli at Yorijori!

Well a great place for BROMANCE too!


There is a 10% discount to all customers who order 3 items and above and also for customers who dine at our alfresco area during Rainy days.Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 3:30 pm – 11:00 pm Sat – Sun: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm

Address: 207 Hougang Street 21, Paya Lebar Kovan CC, Singapore 530207 
Contact: +65 6288 6651 

Visit Yorijori Singapore today!!!



  1. Make sure there is a little space between the shrimp, this will help the bacon cook better. Food Truck Catering Wedding