Valentine's Day Celebration at Fish & Co. @ Glass House with Shaun Owyeong

 Had an earlier Valentine's day celebration with 
The Fish & Co @ Glass House Park Mall is a perfect location for all SEAFOOD LOVERS like us!!!

Wow! There's flowers and a jar of my favorite gummy sweets!
Plus my favorite Grilled King Prawns with Paella rice!

You guys must be thinking why am I celebrating Valentine's day with a GUY???

Well, Valentine’s Day is a time for people to show feelings of love, affection and friendship. So it need not necessary be with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Take this opportunity to ask your good friends, buddies out for a dinner and show appreciation to the friendship that you have. I'm sure he or she will be very happy!!!

 Well.... Me and Shaun were actually invited to a cooking workshop with Fish & Co at Glass House in conjunction with their upcoming Valentine's Day Promotion (Scroll down and see what is that)!!!

We are all ready to whip up our meal!!!

And there were several other lifestyle bloggers who are with us on that day! Some familiar faces here in the picture is actually the Hada Labo Ambassador and popular beauty blogger- Maybeline Sim ( and his boyfriend- James Aw Yong who is also my good buddy!

Chef of Fish & Co teaching us how to cook our meal!

 And everyone watching and listening attentively...

Back to our table with everything that is needed to start our cooking...

 Ingredients and equipment for making Salad...

Shaun is really a great cook! 
People say a man who can cook is a good man... =)
I also can cook too! hahaha...

 Mixing it well...

 Add on the Japanese Mayonnaise

 and it is done!!!

Next we were given ingredient to make the Paella Rice and Coleslaw.

 This was what we done!!!
Our Baked King Prawns with Ebiko Roe served with coleslaw and Paella Rice!!!

How do you find the way we plated it...
Looking yummilicious?

Lastly we also given ingredients to make this special drink- Deep Love!!!
With a cherry in the middle of the drink that symbolize deeply in love with someone! The above food and drink are all available for sale at Fish & Co.

Well, if you are still thinking of what to get for your valentine?
Why not get him or her a couple bracelet so that you both can wear together when you all go out dating?

And FOR THIS VALENTINE'S DAY (9-15 Feb 2015)
Fish & Co is also offering a unique dish- LOVE BOUNTY!!!

Love Bounty features perfectly grilled prawns, a juicy medley of mussels, scallops, prawn fritters and grilled tender white fish, served on top of glorious paella rice and fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes, along with two soups-of-the-day and two soft drinks. It's retails at $59.95 and will be available from 9-15 Feb 2015 at all Fish & Co. Restaurants in Singapore.

This is definitely a good option with whole and hearty portions and leave you with that warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart (and tummy) at the end of the romantic night. 

Well don't forget to get your girl some flowers and maybe a gift too!

I'm sure you, your friend and your loved one will will be HOOKED TO FISH & CO. LIKE US!!!

For more information on Fish & Co.. visit their website or alternatively, follow them on facebook at for the latest promotion and news.



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