Carbon Laser Peel at South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic(SBA)

[Post written by Leong]

Recently went to try out the Carbon Laser Peel at South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic(SBA) and it was totally fantastic!!! My skin have always been dull looking and also dehydrated, making me look lethargic and tired. I also do have acne scars on my face that have been troubling me for years since high school making me a low self-esteem person.

Glad that I found SBA and the great solutions to my skin.

South Bridge Aesthetics clinic is nestled in the heart of the Chinatown tourist district, located on the fringe of the Central Business District and sandwiched between major tourist attractions like the Sri Mariamman temple, Fo Ya Si Temple and Chinatown Food Street.

The clinic’s chic minimalist interiors lends a soothing touch to the patients’ frenzied nerves, and a perfect location for friends to come for treatments together.

Consultation with Dr Winston Lee


Dr Winston Lee received his medical degree from the National University of Singapore, and having completed his hospital rotations, has chosen to embark on his quest to provide affordably priced non-invasive treatments for the general public who to-date have found Thermage and Ultherapy beyond their budget. He has undertaken training in the procedural protocols for the treatments and will be able to provide good standards of therapy for the clients of SBA Clinic.

So, after the consultation, I was brought to the treatment room and the treatment begins. Comfy treatment bed.

Cleansing in progress.

After cleansing, carbon mask was put on and will leave it to dry for about 15-20 mins.

Here it goes!!!

See video here on the process!!

Lets see the end result!!!




I am so loving this treatment. It helps to tighten my pores and also reduce my acne scar marks. My skin now look brighter and also cleaner. To my surprise, there is no downtime for this procedure. Most of busy working adults that work around Chinatown area will actually come during lunch time for their treatment and go back to work after the treatment as it takes less than 30 mins to complete the whole process. 
I am overwhelmed by the visible result on the first treatment and will definitely go back to them for more. You may think that it may cost you a bomb for treatment like this, you are wrong!! South Bridge Aesthetics Clinics offers reasonable and affordable prices for most of their treatments. Over at SBA they are giving 5 sessions at $600 (which mean each session is only $120)! 

Simply quote " OnlyWilliam" to enjoy 15% off a la carte price of Carbon Laser Peel 
for the month of November. 

277 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058826

+65 97308999






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