Power Hyaluronic Treatment at Beautti Slim

My Great Experience With Beautti Slim

Beautti Slim was established in 2003. Beautti Slim offers a comprehensive range of beauty and slimming treatments that are performed by a strong team of more than 30 qualified, highly professional therapists. They using of leading products and equipments in the beauty industry, which helps them in delivering unparalleled and satisfying results. The team devotes attention in finding out every individual’s problem and desire, so as to provide tailored and dedicated solutions that suit every individual needs.

When I first stepped in, it gives me a feel of coziness and calmness. The place has a scent of Lavender that soothes your mind. It makes one very comfortable and relax.

First, I was given a warmth welcome from the freindly staff and was brought to a consultation room to examine my skin conditions.

Filling up the forms.

Fiona analyzing my skin conditions. She was very helpful and from the way she explained about my skin conditions, I can tell she is very experienced.

This gadget also be able to compare a normal skin to a troubled skin. 

Choosing Of Products

Beautti Slim offers wide range of products that target different types of skin conditions. Their most popular products will be the Skeydor Products.

Skeydor Products is frequently used by many celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz.

Scientific benefits of Skeyndor Products.
Power Hyaluronic - For Dry Skin Type. Lock the water in your skin and keep your skin moisturize at all time. Prevent dryness as well as nurtures your skin.

Power C+ - For Acne Prone Skin Type. Helps oil control on skin as well as to prevent outbreak of acne. Rich in Vitamin C that also helps to clear blemishes and reduce scar marks.

Derma Peel - For all skin Types.
Helps to whiten and tighten skin. Gives your face a prominent glow with smooth skin texture.


I was recommended on using the Power Hyaluronic Treatment as my skin is more to dry skin type. So, I was lead to their treatment room.

Clean and neat room with comfortable facial treatment bed. 

See how the well trained and professional aesthetician carry out the treatment.

Beautti Slim is using a new technology Machine "Magic Pot" from Korea. This machine can do
wanders!!! It helps to do a power lift and also to tighten your skin for a more youthful look.

Having body aches, irregular menstruation or poor appetite?

 Moxibustion is a form of heat penetration treatment that stimulates specific acupuncture points of the body. Herbs are poured into the Moxibustion device and release into the targeted body area.
For all 6 types of therapy and its benefits, go to
http://beauttislim.com.sg/body-works/ for more info.
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