NAPAPIJRI FW15 Collection available at Capitol Piazza

Designed for the independent and discerning traveller, NAPAPIJRI,the international fashion label with Italian heritage, is proud to introduce its Fall/Winter 2015 Collection in Singapore. 

Drawing inspiration fromthe concept of Plains Dreamer, the latest season chronicles the fundamental traitsof the NAPAPIJRI adventurer-a free-spirited individual and dreamer who is nomadic in his/her ways and artistic in his/her wardrobe, but always remains impeccably dressed.Detailed workmanshipand innovation takecentre stage once again with a plethora of patterns, styles and textilesthat prepare the explorerfor acomfortable voyage in any geographical landscape.


Exploring the primary tones of denim and indigo, shades of grey and burgundy, NAPAPIJRI Fall/Winter 2015 Men's Collection featuresthick and full-bodied fabricsin dynamic check designs.Utilitarian knitwear isreinterpretedwith the use of new textilessuch as two-tone fabrics and over-dyed herringbone to give the apparelsa worn look,which is enhanced by the "dirty cut". Additionally, washes and treatments of the denimappear on statement pieces like the nylon down jacket, washedblazer and denim biker jacket, addingtexture and dimension to the garments while retaining its practicality.


Experiment with a mix of different yarns and decorativepatches influencedby bottle labels from Irish clubs around the world, this range is all about materials and colours which echoan extremely creative yet understated spirit. The colour palette is focused on huesof blue, brown and green with hints of yellow, grey and red with ecru details. Quilted nylon is blended with other materials, including wool andjacquard knits, creating an innovativeseries of combined surface garments. Micro-print designstaken from ties, camouflage, checks, the iconic Napapijri flag and houndstooth details are adopted to enhancethe inside finishes ofthe outfits.


TheCanadian theme is influenced bythe work uniforms of lumberjacks, featuringtheabundant use of check printand reinterpretingshirts in an urban-cool style.Heavy protective garmentssuch astextured nylon jackets, warm flannel shirts and soft wool blazers, arepresented in shades of blue, brown and grey which are invigorated with tones of red and orange. NAPAPIJRIadds intricacy to the range throughthe mix of fabrics, predominantly used in woollengarments, where check print on wool is complemented withjersey,and pin-lined velvet is used as detail on pique.

Priced between $69and $1,499, NAPAPIJRI Fall/Winter2015 Men's Collection ensures extreme comfort and durability for the adventurousman without comprising on his stylewhile layering.


This season NAPAPIJRI Fall/Winter 2015 Women's Collection embodies primary tones of denim and indigo with shirts made of soft, natural fabrics in check print and micro patterns,whichflow seamlessly throughtrims and interior of the hoods. The outerwear consistsofultra lightweight and reversible24/7 down jackets,parkasdesigned in a washed cotton finish,and sweatshirts which are featured in floralprint and the Norwegian flag embroidery.


This is a world that evokes the atmosphere of college style using Tartan, Prince of Wales and Chevron fabrics taken from the schooluniform.Classicmotifs on wool varsity jackets and tiesare seen on winter staplesof the urban wardrobe, such as trench coats, field-jackets and parkas. The woollencoats are presentedin camouflagein shades of green and dark grey with black interior.


Comprising ofwarmer garments, the range is designedinshades of blue, red and grey, as well as ochre/blue and brown/orange combinations. Check is the key elementof this theme, which are available in macro print on coats and jackets,and in micro print version on shirts. In addition to the traditional check print, zigzag print is also spottedon the knitwear.Priced between $89and $1,299, NAPAPIJRI Fall/Winter2015 Women's Collection enablesevery woman to dress in style for her winter escapade.

NAPAPIJRI @ Capitol Piazza
Address: 13 Stamford Road #01-26 Singapore 178905
Opening Hours: 10.30am -9.30pm
Tel: 6702 1720



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