My journey with Maca Men!!!

I’m sure you guys are familiar with Kinohimitsu! The brand that is famous for their Collagen
drink (which I super love it!). But today I shall share with you guys my new love- Kinohimitsu

Summary of my life

I have a day job at The Influencer Network as a Assistant Director and I also run a personal
blog at My day job required me to meet up with many
people, discussion with my team to come up with interesting proposal and ideas for my

Sometime after several meetings at work, I still carry on to attend events for my blog. Well I
know I have a choice to go home and rest, but because blogging is like my hobbies and it
had become part of me. I want to keep my blog active and my viewership healthy (with
about 150k views per month average now).

Some of my friends and followers actually commented on my Instagram account that I have a great lifestyle and I travelled a lot, always seen enjoying good food and lot of staycations! But honestly speaking most of the time I am actually working and very little enjoyment. Like in the recent months, I tend to post more video on Instagram too because I feel that video can allow my followers to see more rather than just a still photo. Videos required editing and time consuming I know, but whenever I see the likes and comments on the video, I feel really happy that my followers are appreciating it and it motivate me do more videos.

I am very passionate about my work and my blogging. Whenever I go on a sponsored trip, I
spent a lot of time taking photo and taking down note about my travel experience.
Sometime while on my trip, I still have to check on my office’s emails and also do some
follow up with my clients on certain campaigns. And all this required a lot of concentration!
My sleeping hours are usually after midnight around 1am. As you can tell from the busy
lifestyle that I am having, I don’t really have much energy to go on for my gym or run.
Keeping myself fit and better shapes has always been a concern for my over the year!

And right now I found my hero in life- MACA Men. I have no more excuse not to give my life a change for the better now!!! 

I always have a bottle of MACA men just before my workout!!! Because MACA men can helps improves stamina & endurance. Plus also enhance muscle
strength and helps achieve better exercise performance.

Well so I shared them with my buddies too! Good things are meant to be shared!!!

And here a toast to get fitter and in good shape before 2016!!!

Information about Kinohimitsu Maca Men
It is a caffeine-free energy booster! It is refreshing and handy.
It is specifically designed for men with a powerful proprietary blend of 500mg Maca extract,
clam extract, BCAA and turmeric to support men’s vitality, stamina and endurance as well as
support overall health. Activate your inner manliness and kick start your day with passion
and energy!

Benefits of Kinohimitsu Maca Men

(BCAA, Taurine)
Improves stamina & endurance, so you can focus better and less fatigued at work. Enhance
muscle strength, helps achieve better exercise performance.

(MacaExtract, Clam Extract, Turmeric)
Acts beneficially on blood vessels, improving blood flow & protecting them from damage,
promotes healthy sexual life.

(MacaExtract, Turmeric)
Protects & nourish liver, sexual, prostate, sperm & immune system health. Helps to relieve
stress & improve mood.

Direction of use
1 bottle a day preferably before meal and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

For first timers, it is recommended to take 1 bottle a day consecutively for 6 days.

What is in my bag?

Wallet, handphone, Sunglasses, Watch, Powerbank, Camera, Bluetooth earphone and lastly
MACA Men. It is so handy and I usually put 1-2 bottles in my bag. So anytime when I feel I
need a power boost, I can just drink them.

Where to purchase them?
Online store, Major leading pharmacies and departmental stores, OG
Orchard Point/ OG People’s Park/ OG Albert Complex)

Take part in their contest and and win attractive prizes
Don’t say I bojio, check out their Facebook and Instagram to stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to $2500! Prizes include 1 year supply of Kinohimitsu Maca Men, gym passes to Anytime Fitness, Edit. Menswear, Observer Optical Vouchers & Feet Haven massage vouchers!

Free trial and exclusive discount promotion for my readers
Simply sign up on  to redeem a 2 FREE BOTTLE of Maca
Men by 10 Nov 2016.

20% Off a Box of Maca Men
Love the product, head over to their online store and use my promo code "POWERUPWILL" to get 20% off Maca Men - U.P $86.90.
Promo code valid till 31 Dec 2015.

For more information, head over to the below links.



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