Why every house should have a Bean Bag?

Whether you are a kid or adult, you’re never too old for a bean bag. 

Bean bags are comfortable and add a fun element to your home. They have the power to transform the look of your living room while still blending nicely with the rest of your furnishings.

Here are a few good reasons why every house should have a bean bag?

1. Portable 
Bean bag is a brilliant seating alternative that don’t take up too much space. They are light and can be moved around your house easily.

2. Fuss-free maintenance 
Outer layer of the beanbag can easily be removed for cleaning.

3. A great home decor 
Bean bags are beautiful additions to any living space. There are many different color and design to complement to your interior themes.

4. Fun, playful element 
What better way to make a space more fun than by adding playful pops of colours? 
Bean Bags are available in different hues and will definitely add more life to the environment.

5. Most comfortable seat
Unlike other types of seating, this big blob of cosiness moulds to your body shape and give you the most comfortable seat in the house. Bean bag is the perfect lounge spot to sit in for chilling with a book, watching movies, gaming, or taking a cheeky afternoon nap. Whether in your den or living room, bean bag will give you all the comfort you need to recharge. 

I had always been tempted to get one and recently got this Dropzzz spandex bean bag by SG Beans! It is definitely one of the best thing I've added into my living room. 

What I like about this bean bag is because it is lightweight, durable and can be moved around the house easily. The spandex fabric is stretchy and together with the much smaller micro beans filling gives extra comfort and makes the bean bag feel much more smoother. As for cleaning, the outer layer can be easily removed for cleaning. 

There are also more designs available on https://sgbeans.com/.

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