Check out the Empire State & 7-Eleven at Greenwich V!!!

Have you try the Empire State's giant burger?
You gonna try it if you hasn't!!!
Cause it is juicy and tender!!!

Empire State
Greenwich V, 1 Seletar Road,
#02-04, Singapore 807011

It is a good portion for 3-4 pax!!! Plently of fries too!!!
I would say their food are transcendent! They have great selections of fresh and unique items on the menu, with options to choose from the wide arrays of items, and local ingredients are often incorporated.

Friendly staff and retro trendy ambiences! Empire State will definitely makes your visitation worth the value and experiencing!

Next stop, it is a store and more!!!
You guys will love this place cause it is provides convenience 24/7 for the busy, on-the-go consumers by offering a wide range of First, Best & Only products and serices in a safe store.

Greenwich V, 1 Seletar Road,
#01-01, Singapore 807011

With the many "Quick & Easy" selection of food, I'm sure there is something for everyone!!!
So the next time when you need a something to eat and in a rush, visit the 7-Eleven store!!!

Look at Claire and Rachell grabbing all their favourite Quick Bites!!!

Well, there are plently more interesting store at Greenwich V and I wish you all can visit them and explore yourself!!!

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