Hunks & Babes at the Nando's Hot Peri-Peri Victory Party 2012

Just last weekend (11 Feb 2012), I was invited to the specially themed 'Hot' party at Sentosa Siloso Beach!

The party was to celebrate the momentous victory of Singaporean's most loved Peri-Peri flavour of Nando's- 'Hot' flavour. This had proven that the majority of Singaporeans (39%) enjoyed a little heat in their food!

The result of Nando's islandwide "Vote for your favourite Pei-Peri Flavour" contest was determined through a 2 months of intensive voting from Facebook Page and also voting cards collected from all the Nando's outlet.

Started since December, Nando's "Vote for Your Favourite Peri-Peri Flavour" Contest scoured the island from heartland to CBD in a huge hunt for Singaporean's most loved Peri-Peri flavour ("Lemon & herb", "Mild", "hot" and "Extra Hot"). A total of 22337 votes were casted during this campaign.

"Hot" had ruled out the rest of the other flavours as Singaporean's most loved Peri-Peri flavour. If you haven't try the Peri-Peri Flavoured sauce, hurry go down to any of the Nando's outlet now and try it out yourself!!!

Scroll down below and see the fun and excitement at the Nando's Hot Peri-Peri Victory Party 2012!!!

It was a bright sunny day, great for activity at the beach and sun tanning.

Photography session with Nando's Mascot- Barci,the Hunk & Babes before entering the event.

For some of them who are afraid of the sun, chose to hide themselves under the sheltered area

While most of them chose to be outdoor and enjoy the heat! I was outside for awhile as it is really hot and I'm not prepared to sweat out under the sun.

The Nando's Hunks and Babes at the party

Cotton candy for a sweet gal

Dunking game was fun and exciting!!! Jessie trying his best to dunk the hunk.

Nando's Hunks & Babes at the "Hoop The hot Chick" game station!

Jessie playing the "Hoop The hot Chick"!
Rule of the game is to throw the ring and hoop around the Nando's Peri-Peri HOT sauce bottles.

One of the guest puting on the body art on his arm.

987FM DJ Rosalyn Lee was at the event too and she raised a lot of laughter as she played games with the guests.

The guest taking part in a water challenge

For this challenge, the partipants had to get to the Nando's babes using the shortest time.

Wow!!! look at the Red Hot Bikini Babes!!!

We were really well fed with great food!!!

Nando's Chicken!!! Yummy!!!

We had FREE FLOW Tiger Beer and soft drinks too!!!

Look at this photo and you can tell we really enjoying our food!!!

Others enjoyed their food under the sun!!!

That is my plate of Nando's food!!! Yummy looking right!!!

Special thanks to Nando's for having this party and the great food for us!!!

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