13th - 15th July 2008- Kiehl's Men's Anti Wrinkles Event

Me and Kiehl's boy, Terence

The 8 Kiehl's Boys on the 1st day

The 8 Kiehl's Boys with Zling on the 1st day

Last row: Weiquan and Kobe

Middle row: Terence, Jasmine, James, Weixiang, Weicai, Nic and William

Front row: Edwin, Gary, Tommy, Yaohui and Chunfu

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GIF animations generator gifup.com

William & Terence in Pink Executive wear

On the 2nd day

That was the t-shirt we wore

for the 3 days event

The 7 Kiehl's Boys on 2nd day

Kiehl's Boys becoming statue for people to take picture!!!

We met someone familiar when we are working....

Guess who?Click here to find out who is that in that mascot

Gary and Kiehl's Facial Fuel product.
Anyone interested to buy? Gary is modeling for it!!!

After work, we had dinner at Just Acia together!

After the dinner, a few of us went to play pool...

Taking a picture before going home...

Our 3rd day of work!

Another group of statue ...
Superman, Ultraman and Spiderman...

Angela dropping by to show support!!! Thanks!!!

Gary and customer's kids

Kiehl's Boy act as statue again for people to take picture!!!

Not easy... They have to hold on that position for 15min...

Kobe and Tommy

Our 3rd day group photo

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GIF animations generator gifup.com

We had bowling on Sunday after work!!!

Our score

Left screen (From Top): Nic, Edwin and Sarah

Right screen (From Top): Kobe,William and Kevin