20th - 22th July 2008- Kiehl's Men's Anti Wrinkles Event (Heeren)

During our lunch break.
Playing Bishi Bashi, a exciting arcade game
Sarah, Nic and Samuel like to play...

You can see from their face how enjoying they were playing....

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Some pretty gals we met on the street while working...

2nd day Kiehls Boys

Kiehls Boys being statue again

Kiehl's Boy taking photo with Issac's friends...

Tommy came and find us on day 2!

Another group photo for Day 2 Kiehl's Boys!

After work, we went to Starbucks to have drinks and card playing!

I used the free vouchers I have when we are there...

We came out Zero money except $2 plus top up for the cheesecakes we ordered to share.

Cheers guys!

It was a very fun night.


while drinking and eating there... So fun! More pls more pls!!!

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Heeren's black board drawn by Nardia! So nice!

Guess who is holding the Kiehl's board? (Answer below)

Click here to find out who is that?

This was where we give out our flyer, outside Heeren...

Samuel, Gary & Tommy

Samuel, Myself & Tommy

Look at what Kiehl's Boy spotted...

Ya... Is that James again!

3rd day Kiehl's Boys

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Do you see something?

Kiehl's Boys Yaohui visited us to show support while we are working!

Thanks Bro!

After work, Kiehl's Gang went for entertainment!!! Bowling!!!

This are the ppl who were there plus myself the photogragher!!!

We all have fun!!!

Wah!!! Sarah's nice throw!
Group 1- Yaohui, Sarah, Tommy & William

Group 2, Samuel, Kobe, Gary & Nic

Click here for William's video

Click here for Yaohui's & Samuel's video

Click here for Kobe's video

Click here for Gary's striking video

Click here for Sarah's & Gary's video

Click here for Tommy's & Gary's video

Not forgetting to take a complete group photo before Home Sweet Home for all!

Cute GIF I created!!! Haha!!!

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GIF animations generator gifup.com



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