Our "Get Smart" movie watching

Yaohui, Tommy, myself, Jasmine, Terence

Yesterday (25/06/2008) after work, went to movie with Yaohui, Tommy, Jasmine & Terence at Cineleisure Cathay.

Initially wanted to watch Sex and the City, unfortunately the tickets are sold out since morning when I went online to check.

However in the end, we decided to watch "Get Smart". It was a hilarious movie! I think me and Terence laughed the louder among all. "Terence so you figure out which part that we laughed the loudest?"

After the show, we came down and wanted to have our dinner and we met Gary, Winnie and Nic at Long John Silver. After some talks, we decided to change our eating venue to Ester77, located at Cineleisure basement 1.

Below is a picture me, Jasmine, Edwin and James took last week. It's our version of "Get Smart"! What do you all think?