Redken Hair Workshop@ TRenZ Salon

Today went for the Redken Hair Workshop with Terence, Tommy, Angela, Nic, James, Karen, Lip Tong and my brother Kevin.

It was an interesting workshop with some bidding package offered like a Haircut+colouring starting from as low as $20 and ended up to $50 (Still quite cheap). I was the one who started the bid of $20, Terence went up with $25 and I think Angela called for $30, then somone else bidded for higher and higher. In the end, a girl bidded it for $50.

There were some food like sandwiches, cakes and drinks for the participant too. The speaker Ronald who was the Brand Manager for Redken spoke pretty well too.

Ya I was the lucky one who was caled up to the front for his demostration on Hair styling. LOL....

Ok, beside the bidding thing, we are given a 50% for our next visit to the Salon. Bravo!!!

Oh ya, not forgetting a complimentary goodie bag with some of Redken product was given to every participant.

After the workshop, we went for our dinner at the Chinatown popular hawker centre "Zhen Zhu Pa Sa".

We had lot of laughters at the hawker... So fun... Everyone had a great time eating together.

Lastly after filling our stomach, it is time to head home. Oh how can we forget to take a group photo just before we go home right?

Here is a photo after my request...

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