Our Sentosa Outing 2008

On our way to the beach...

We saw some peacocks along our way...

No court to play... Let walk some more...

Yeah! At last we found one!!!

Let start to play!!!

Kobe nice one!

All alert...

I'll save it!

More video clips at the below links
Video 16

Kobe relaxing.... (Nice shot)

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Making a Mer-man...

How was our creation?

I'm finally free!!! Haha...

Creative way of taking photo!!!

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Discussing on what other pose we can take...


This is our "Tie Luo Han" successfully for the 1st time!!!

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Any more fun poses? Kobe said " How about Doggie urinating"

And then we had this picture... Haha...

Ouch! Look at Kobe's face reaction?

On our way back to Vivo City for dinner

This are the rest of the Kiehl's Boys

who joined for dinner at Pasta Mania and drinking session at Gloria Jean's !!! =)