Dinner at Food Republic

Met up with Gary, James, Edwin, Jasmine, Nic and Kevin for Dinner at Food Repulic on Wednesday's evening.

After eating, we went to shop at Cineleisure. And after shopping, Gary, Nic and Kevin left us and James, Jasmine and Edwin and me went to Gloria Jean's and have 1 for 1 drink.

We had "7 level Pig" game again, it was so fun. It was Jasmine 1st time playing and I bet she enjoyed the game. Cause we kept kaughing throughout the game.

We had our usual photo takings! Jasmine then reminded me that we forgotten to have a group photo at food republic with the rest of the guys.

Next time then...

Thanks Edwin for helping us to take!!!

James and Jasmine

Myself and Jasmine

Edwin and Jasmine

James and Jasmine

Trying to look like the character in "Get Smart". Haha!