Kiehls Event- 27th July (3rd Day)

Being our 3rd day at work and we are so energentic...We really loved our job!
Found this at Ngee Ann City's Kiehl's outlet... Nice?

The 10 Kiehl's boy on the last day (Sun)

GIF animations generator
GIF animations generator

"You can change the world with Kiehl's"

Here is something new!!!!
Are you ready?
We present to you Kiehl's tower!!!

Kobe, our brave Kiehl's boys who gave his trust
to the rest of the Kiehl's boys...

More towers!!!

After work on our way to Marina Square for our bowling...

Very happy playing together!!!

Ron Jiayou!!! You can do it!!!
Look look look... The happy faces!!!

Kiehl's Boy Ron posing for his "bowling expert" look...

Score from top to bottom:
Sarah, Edwin, Kevin, Ron & Tommy

Next group score from top to bottom:
Kobe, Weicai, William, Alvin & Gary

GIF animations generator
GIF animations generator

Our group photo that day... Take attendance, who never come?
Where is our Mr Yaohui aka Li Ming Shun lookalike?

In the lift also very happy after bowling...
Rushing for last train... Haha