I appeared in "Lian He Zao Bao" today (9th August 2008)!

Today I appeared in "Lian He Zao Bao".
This was my 2nd time appearring in Newspaper!
Did you guys saw today (9th August 2008)!?
Quite big picture!
But I guessed my eyes was not opened fully,
so I don't really like the picture...

Jasmine still sms this morning when I was still lying on my bed. Then followed by Weicai later.
Jasmine: Morning! Wah ur photo super big.v.nice! in newspaper... Half page... They write a lot abt u.
Weicai: U r on e papers again!
This was the making process:

Yes I won in this contest which got me 2 NDP Pararde Ticket (Acutal day)!