Advertlets- Singaporean Special Program

Ah Boy, Ah Girl, Uncle, Auntie, Ah Ma, Ah Gong, and you you you anybody...

Maybe you still didn’t know that you can actually earn money though blogging.

Anyone can earn money!!! “Ai tan rui, jiu ka gin tan poh” (Want to earn money, then be fast).

You tell me who don’t want to earn extra money right!

Today I will share ONE EASY way of earning money with you all.

“Mai tan liao” (Don’t wait any more)

"Ka chiu ka gin tan poh” (Move your hands and feet fast now).

1) Firstly most important you must have a blog (Ok).

2) Sign up with Advertlets at (This is confirm la).

3) Then add at least 1 Advertlets Ad unit to your blog (Aiyo.. this is lagi more obvious right, of cause is to your own blog la. If not to who else blog right).

4) After all this, write a review and post on your blog and get pay.

5) Using their contact form, state your Username, and your Review URL on your blog and click “Submit”. Once they’ve taken a look, you will then receive an e-mail on whether your review has been approved, and if it is, your account will be credited! This review program supposed to expire on 31 December 2007 and they actually extended now till 31 October 2008 (yes, they’ve extended the deadline due to more requests from your end).
Isn't that easy, I took less than 20 minutes. After you wrote the review, you just have to sit back and wait for your money to come.

The following review slots are available:

280 Reviews, SGD 25 each (blogs with more than 10 unique visits per day)

10 Reviews, SGD 60 each (blogs with more than 100 unique visits per day)

10 Reviews, SGD 128 each (blogs with more than 500 unique visits per day) and just because Advertlets feel like it: 2 Reviews, SGD 88 each (for reviews in Romanized Hokkien! Really. But no KNNCCB kind of stuff, okay.

Advertlets not only benefited the Blogger but also the Advertisers.


  • get to target the right demographic for their advertising, since Advertlets profile each blog individually.

  • make their message count.

  • associate themselves with Malaysia’s new wave of dynamic personal content publishers .

  • demonstrate their relevance by utilizing new tools for communication .

Everyone is happy in the end. So have you start your Advertlets?