Lamintor from Popular!

Finally bought this laminator form Popular today morning for $84.15 after 15% discount. The discount coupon was from Kiehl's Boy, Paul. Thank for his coupon!!! I think that is a good discount coupon.

Anyone got things to buy from Popular Bookstore can use this coupon too. It's till 30th September 2008. Just print out and you can use them like what I did to enjoy the offer...
I purposely bought this to laminate any future card and the new game card game "Ugly Doll" I bought.
See when can play with you guys this fun game!

I have attached the rest of the coupons from Paul!

Feel free to grab them. Just print them out and you be ready to use. Personally I feel the Popular Bookstore and the Australia Outback is great saving for me!

1)Australia Outback
-25% off
-$10 off main course
(Valid till 30 Sept 2008)

2)Popular Book Store
-15% off storewide (Valid till 30 Sept 2008)

-20% off storewide (Valid till 30 Sept 2008)

3) Botak Jones
-$5 off any purchase over $25
-$10 off any purchase over $50
(Valid till 30 Sept 2008)

4) Jurong Bird Park
-30% off admission fee
(Valid till 31 Aug 2008)

5) Gelare
-15% off on whole cake
-43% off with purchase of 2nos of Basket Delight Sundae
(Valid till 15 Sept 2008)

6) Night Safari
-50% off admission ticket
(1-31 Aug 2008)