Redken Hair Workshop- 12th August 2008

Yesterday (Tues, 12 August 2008), I just attended a Redken Hair Workshop with Kiehls Boys and Sarah, Jasmine, Siqi. It was a very interesting workshop with so much knowledge of how to take care of our hair.
It was my 2nd time attending Raymond's workshop. He was shocked to see a few of us who attended his previous workshop conducted at TRenZ Salon at China Square Central in June. His face was flushed red when he saw us again=p.

During the presentation by Raymond, he shared one of the "don't" was, girl should not leave their hair wet after bath as the hair will under a process called Oxidisation which is bad for our hair.

Raymond had did a very good presentation and the whole presentation was not boring at all. There were also bidding game in between.

Jasmine bid a hair treatment for only $40! Super worth it!

Then there was a colouring plus cutting package which was bid away by a ladies too. Ron wanted the package too and thus asked the Raymond if he can offer another one for guys. Not much consideration, Raymond being really nice enough and offered another colouring package for the guys.

And Ron managed to bid a colouring for only $25! Super cheap for a salon hair colouring.

Raymond also did a hair styling demonstration with Yaohui.

After the presentation, we had more personalised consultation with Raymond. He shared a lot of information with us. We had a 20% storewide that day, where some of our guys bought their cool Redken Hair Products home.

Not forgetting our group photo with

Raymond (Redken Brand Manger) and the boss of X-Zen Salon

before leaving the salon.

We went for dinner at Far East and followed by our game session at the International Building's TCC cafe. So much of laughter again during the Taboo game we played there. Very soon it was 11pm and it's time for us to go home.... Kevin, Jasmine, Ron and Minghui lost in the game and they are very sporting enough to perform the forfeit we asked them to do.

Till we meet again guys...

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