Giant Stars 2009- 1st day Training

Well today was the 1st day of Giant Stars Training at Mediacorp.
We had ice-breaking session and lots and lots of product knowledge lesson.

Cause we need these knowlegde to sell our products better on this coming Saturday at Tampines Giant Supermarket and Sunday at Vivocity Giant Supermarket.

Learn quite a lot of tips from the teachers also.

During the presentation from New Moon, the presentor gave each of us a chilled Bird Nest to drink...

I think a lot of us was like "wah....."

It's really kind of them to let us have one bottle each....

Somemore is chilled one lor... Which tasted so heavenly lor....

The rest of the female and male contestants were friendly too!

Hope I can make it through the rounds on Saturday and Sunday!

I will do my best in my product knowledge and also how I communicate with customer.

And ya my partner is set.... She is Jaclyn and she is the girl on the top picture taken with me. We both will pair up and get as many sale as possible on Sat and Sun!

Jaclyn we both must jiayou jiayou jiayou!

So guys, support me if you all are free on the 2 days k...


These are what I brought home today!







Yes Mediacorp and Giant was very kind and generous!

These was what they pampered us with for the 2nd time (See above)!

The first time was this!

It's was given during our audition!

I have upload some of the photo I took today-

More photo taken with Joreen's Camera, so will upload here when she sent me.

Stay tune for my 2nd day training on Friday!

So looking forward for that day!