HTC Magic VS My 1st Ever Mobile Phone

Do you still remember this "Dai Kor Dai"
or "Big Brother" handphone?

It was used in our grandfather's times.
The bulky and black in colour one....

Seriously can't imagine girls carrying
those handphone on the streets those days....

Have you seen this picture?

In the past, mobile phones has no built-in camera...

Not only that...

No MP3!

No Radio!

No Wifi!

No Touch Screen!

No Games!

It's simply so boring without all this functions right???

With the technology today, we are very fortunate
to have handphone with built-in camera and many other functions to spice up our life.

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This is a comparison between

HTC Magic and Ericsson GH 688.
(Click above picture to enlarge for better view)

You may observe that with the technology improving,
we got a very big differences from the mobile phones we used to have before....

The mobile phone nowaday are more slimmer and they come with many other functions like built-in camera, wifi, touch screen, games, etc.

HTC Magic is now enhanced with cool HTC goodies like Smart Dialer and a versatile on-screen keyboard.

Smart Dialer makes your dialing a lot faster.

Now I need not dial all the number of my friend and I just have to key in the first few letter of their names!

The versatile keyboard lets you choose your favorite way to type and the predictive text completion helps you write faster than you can finish your thoughts.

Isn't that cool?

With the 3.2-inch touch-sensitive screen, surfing the internet is such an enjoyment when you are outside.

HTC Magic’s Browser supports multiple windows view so that you could surf your best friends facebook from net and check on the today's movie timing without rush. This function so useful and convenience.

The high-speed 3.5G network connection and Wi-Fi Technology with seamless transition make web browsing a breeze.

Going out with your friend and have no time to check your emails?

Have no worry now!

HTC Magic makes it worry-free with easy account set up, multiple mailbox support and Microsoft Exchange Synchronization for email, calendar and contacts.

Simply put, with HTC Magic, you can always keep your personal and office emails flowing.






are just a few flavors from the ever-growing selection of downloads from Android Market, where you can discover and install applications and games that let HTC Magic help you squeeze more out of life.

It is one of the application, built-in in the phone to let shoppers out there shop smartly! It has a 'Barcode scanner'.

After a scan on the barcodes, it allows you to know all the facts and information of the particular item. So this way, not only is the phone tech savvy.

It's shop savvy too

Do you have problem finding places sometime.
This GPS function will help you solve the problem!

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And ya HTC Magic's browser supports multiple windows view, which mean I can browse Facebook , my friend's blog or any other sites at the same time.

Discover Magic with HTC Magic.