Giant Stars 2009- Words from my heart

It had been a great wonderful journey during this competition.
No doubt that I did not make it to top 3...
I shouldn't be too upset as I already did my best...
I did not really lost...
I got to make friend with the other 11 finalists.
They are friendly and helpful...
I'm thankful to everyone!
And ya the bags and bags of products sponsored from the kind suppilers!

Matthew, thanks for your guidance during the contest! It was nice knowing you.

Mr Bernard, thanks for your encouragement before the contest.

All Mediacorps staffs, thanks for everything.

Jaclyn, it was great pairing up with you. You are a good partner! Congrad to your winning again!

Jason and Leon, thanks for driving us around.

Jerry, I knew somehow you will make it to top 3! The time we spent training together did not put to waste. You made it! Save the $10k hor! Keep in touch!

Jolene, thanks for taking care of us during this period! Xin ku ni le...

And lastly thanks to Jasmine, Edison, Tommy, Sarah, GJ, James, Karen, Kobe, Yumin, Gary, Ferynn & Liptong who came all the way down to Mediacorp to support me!

Jasmine, thanks for the effort of making the banner and the lovely sunflower!

Sarah, thanks for the cute monkey soft toy you bought! I love it!

Edison, thanks for the photo printing!

You guys are the best gift to me ever!