Young NTUC is fun and interesting!

Have you heard of Young NTUC?

As we all know NTUC stands for National Trades Union Congress.

Their mission is to help people earn a better living and live a better life.

For NTUC to remain relevant and representative of their workforce, it is critical for NTUC and affiliated unions to continue attracting young workers as union members, to better understand and appreciate their needs, concerns and aspirations, and to be their voice.

Today I was at NTUC Centre!

Before going there, I was so excited and looking forward to go there already.

It was my 1st time there!

Now guess why am I there for?
Ok... not easy to guess I know....
I was chosen as a one of the 5 male finalist for "Young NTUC Search for U" Contest and was there for a interview session.

I was featured in their magazine too! (Click for larger view)

The interview with the judges was really

no stress


not a formal kind...

It's more of like a chit chat session I would say cause the judges were really friendly and nice toward us.

Throughout the session, I had also learned more of Young NTUC's movements! I was impressed of what the Young NTUC can do!

Thanks to Young NTUC!

They even give all the finalist a goodie bag.

There was a pair of National Day Parade Admission Ticket too!

It's been s long I never attend the National Day Parade!

Now here is my chance! Yes!

Check out here to find out more of Young NTUC now!