Giant Stars 2009- Please support me M5!

Hi everyone!
I am M5 William Tan!
Please support me at Tampines Giant Hypermarket (Opp Ikea)!
I will need support for 2 events!

1st Event
Date/Time: 4th July 2009/ 1pm-3pm
Venue: Tampines Giant Hypermarket
I be selling the following 3 products:
1) New Moon brand bird nest
2) Darlie 14 days white toothpaste
3) Giant Shower Gel (Peach and Lavendar flavour)
I have to sell as much as possible for this round of competition.

2nd Event
Date/Time: 9th July 2009/ 7.30pm
Venue: Mediacorp (Thomson)
I be at Mediacorp hall for the Giant Stars Show on 9th July. You can call me at 96860495 if you want to attend this show.

I got 30 tickets and I can ask for more if needed.