Guinness Live- Despite falling sick, Benita continued to do her best on stage!!!

I simple love sitting down and enjoy music!!!
Well a glass of cold Guinness and some potatoes wedges will be even more perfect!!!

That's Jason the mentor for Guinness Live's Team Dragonfly!!!

Noticed his jacket!!! So cute!!!

Together hosting on stage with him on the left is William Scorpion, mentor for Team Shanghai Dolly.

That night we have Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly singing on stage.

We also have the handsome Kenny of Team Dragonfly on stage.

Both of the singers were very professional. Despite falling sick, Benita continued to do her best on stage!!! After singing that night, she was not able to stand properly and the mentor pulled over a chair for her.

Everyone saw her pale expression and clapped for her.

On the photo, we have the invited guest judges giving their precious comments and score to the contestants. Who do you think won after the score from the audience, the 3 VIP tables and the Guest Judges?

Congrats to Kenny of Team Dragonfly for winning!!!

Read below for an interview session with Kenny.

What are the songs u sang that day?
-Ai ni yi wan nian
- li xiang lan
-Its my life

How u feel of ur performance that day?
I enjoyed myself greatly, its definately more exciting when you get to choose the songs for yourself. Of course, there is still tons of things to improve on which i will slowly work on to put out a better show for everyone to watch.

Did u agreed with what judges commented?
Hmm.. i would say yes and no? certain comments like the song key should be higher i do agree. As for the avoidance for english song, I still might possibly do it because I derive a great deal of enjoyment when singing it.

What will u do to improve?
Watching videos of the performance helps alot, it makes me be aware of my every action. like where I place my hand, whichsoever.

Any words for ur friends and supporters?
Great thanks to those who came! without them the experience wouldnt been as good !


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