Guinness Live Round 39- YONGWEI vs SILING

It's CNY Day 4 (26 Jan) at Firefly!
We have Yongwei and Siling singing on stage for Guiness Live!!!
I'm looking forward for every Guinness Live to hear the singers sing their favorite song on stage.

Siling of Team Firefly singing with her good vocal again. Will she win this time?

Yongwei of Team Dragonfly was being commented for singing same songs but this time he really put in effort in singing other songs. Good job Yongwei!!!

Jason asking the 3 VIP tables on who they want to vote and this young man here gave his 5 points to Yongwei!

Congrats to SILING for winning! Jiayou YONGWEI!

After the competition, Jason and the singers went up the stage to sing everyone a Chinese New Year's song to wish everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!


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