Did you saw the fireworks last night? Check out our HUMAN DRAGON!!!

Last night (22 Jan 2012), Me and a few friends came out after our New Year's Eve dinner for our CNY's outing. We came out for the purpose of going to the River Ang Bao 2012 at Marina Bay. Too bad it was raining and we can't have more photography at the River Ang Bao 2012 which we initially wanted to...

But nevertheless we managed to catch the firework displays at the Rooftop garden of Esplanade. Most of us were drenched after watching the fireworks displays.

Even though the rain, it was still worth seeing the beautiful fireworks displays for me and the rest I guess!!! I'm glad that I managed to snap some photo and share with you guys here!!!

After the fireworks display, we decided to hangout more at the Marina Square's MacDonald.

But later we found out that the MacDonald was closed already and we just find a spot and sit down to play UGLY DOLL!

Shuqing was so nice to bring some of this Sparkling stick for us to play. It's been so long since I last play them.

Jessie & Valentine

Leo with his funny pose!

That's me trying to draw a circle! Hahaha...

Guess what we forming?
Yes, because this year is the year of the Dragon and so we formed this!!!

Wishing everyone HUAT ah in this DRAGON year!!!
That's Leo on the right for your info!

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We really had lot of fun cam-whoring!!! Hahaha!
Leo seem so POWERFUL with magic power!
Leo please make everyone RICH this Chinese New Year alright!!!

I think the photo is really funny!!!

Hope you guys enjoy reading it!!! Haha...
Hope everyone is having FUN this Chinese New Year holiday!!!