Last few day to CNY!!! Where to go??? Firework at River Ang Bao?

It's just few day before Chinese New Year (The Year of Dragon) and during this festive season I believed all the Chinese people are busy buying Chinese New Year's attire, goodies to treat their relatives/friends, meet up with friends/relatives for makan gathering. It is sure a joyous occasion for all Chinese.

If you are still at home, then faster get out of house and experience the Chinese New Year now!!! Here some suggestion of places to feel Chinese New Year! You can go either Chinatown or the River Angbao 2012!!!

River Ang Bao 2012 (21-29 Jan 2012)
Lighting up the modern cityscape of Marina Bay in a customary celebration of Chinese New Year. In a city where East meets West and modernity meets tradition, it’s an experience that bridges the past and the present.

From The Float at Marina Bay, the countdown to Chinese New Year lights up the night with a spectacular new year’s eve fireworks display. A symbolic gesture to drive away bad luck, the fireworks begin at 12.30am (Check the timing here for different day), so you’ll have plenty of time to find a perfect viewing spot on the floating platform.

River Hongbao 2012 features an awe-inspiring display of over 70 giant lanterns, including lights in the form of the auspicious dragon, handcrafted by lantern masters from Chengdu. For the first time ever, River Hongbao 2012 features a collaboration with performers from Guanxi. Catch the troupe during their 5-day signature show Liu San Jie(刘三姐), a legend of the Zhuang people. You’re also invited to immerse yourself in the Guangxi folk dance, take part in a bamboo dance, lantern riddles, and more. With chefs from Guangxi cooking up all kinds of authentic delicacies, artists demonstrating traditional art and handicraft, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in age-old traditions from China, right in the heart of a cosmopolitan melting pot.

For more details, check out .

Last night, me and a few close friends meet up for dinner and KTV at Chinatown!

What that? Yes it's Tiger Beer Time!!!

How can a joyous gathering like this go without our favorite Tiger Beer!!! Here's to celebrating Togetherness with Tiger Beers!!! Cheers! HUAT AH!!!

We also went Chinatown $10 Family KTV Club@ Smith Street after dinner.
This gathering was partly also because Jessie's birthday on 24th Jan 2012.
Happy Birthday Jess!!!

Me, Jessie & HP

Shuqing, Linda, Jessie & Terence

Shaun & Linda toasting to each other with Ginger Tea & Barley drinks!

A group photo together!!! We really had fun singing together!!!

After KTV about 10pm plus, we took a walk at Chinatown to feel the CNY's mood.
People Mountain People Sea again!!! But I guess tonight and tomorrow night will be even more pack as you get closer to CNY!!! At last last night, I still manage to walk and see the things selling... You can be sure that on CNY's eve, you will be pushed and squeezed by people shopping there. Hahaha....

It only 20th Jan (Fri) and the stall owner already putting up sign saying "LAST DAY"!!!
I think she is a bit too KIASU la...

Chinese families usually will buy such Chinese New Year's deco at their homes...

Chopsticks with your Chinese Surname

Red Lanterns hanging high up!!! Brings Good Luck!!!

Lastly I took a Fortune God photo!!!
Wish EVERYONE HUAT HUAT HUAT in the year of the DRAGON!!!



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