Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012- Did you missed the FUN?

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
Hope you guys had a great countdown on 31 Dec 2011?
Did you miss the great fun countdown at Marina Bay?

From the view of the Swissotel, the Stamford (66th floors), you can see the whole Marina Bay is all ready for the night celebration!!!

Did you saw the white dots on the water?
Yes! They were actually 20,000 of wishing spheres bearing the wishes of fellow singaporeans and visitors floating on at the bay. During the night, they actually transformed into an art installation of hope and light. And trust me the sight was simply AMAZING and I have never seen such a beautiful sight in my life!!!

Where and what's going on on 31 Dec 2011?
There were lot of happening events going on to celebrate the last day of 2011, welcoming the new year!!! One of the happening places was the PROMONTORY@ MARINA BAY of cause!!!

Lot of people arriving early on that day to grab a good spot for photography!!!

It was like a CARNIVAL!!!
There were stalls selling foods and drinks (Four Seasons Gourmet Market, Munch, Starbucks and more) to make sure you won't get hungry during the countdown celebration!!!

Well that was a stage set for performances too!!!

HAPPY 3+65 NEW YEAR's EVE COUNTDOWN SHOW (6.30pm-8.30pm)!!!

We have many young emerging talents at the concert hosted by Republic of Pop which aims to bring Singapore music to the forefront and promote local talents!!!

For more details, visit

Terence with the pretty performer that night.

The crowd at Promontory!!!

Yup! The celebration is not yet over!!!
RHYTHMS BY THE BAY with FM POP MUSIC SCHOOL (9.30pm- 12am) continued to bring the audience with their 'live' unplugged renditions of popular English and Mandarin songs ranging from the 80's to current top 40 hits!!!

They are a division of Funkie Monkie Productions which is headed by A-list Madarin Pop Music Producer/Songwriter Eric Ng, awarding-winning lryicist Xiaohan and producer/singer/song writer Jim Lim.

He is Aydan, the vocal instructor from Funkie Monkies.
I manage to have a short interview with him.

What are the songs you all sang?
we had a mixture of songs and mixtures of singers. students/ teachers and instrumentalists.

How you all got into this?
We got this from URA yeah.

What do you think was the highlight for show?
The highlight was perhaps the opportunity for students to showcase their vocal skills for the night.

Total how many performers?
We have around 30 performers with 2 guitars and even a cello and violin yeah.

Do you have anything you wanna share ?
We hope that everyone had enjoyed themselves in this event yeah and the variety of songs we have sang. like my " little umbrella" hahaah and also move like jagger by another female vocalist who perform with me regularly. yeah.

For more info onFM Pop Music School:

The buildings have all become so colourful and beautiful!!!

See the beautiful sight I was saying earlier... Marina Bay Singapore had got to be BEST PLACE for NEW YEAR COUNTDOWN in the world!!! (View from Swissotel, The Stamford- 66th floor)

New year's Eve- A Time for reflection and renewal. A time for sharing our hopes and a time for wishing for a better future.

Water- A source of life and the foundation of many great civilisations, water is also a fengshui symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Place- Located at the mouth of Singapore River, Marina Bay is built on the same grounds where the singapore of today sprung.

Light- A symbolic significance in almost all cultures, light represents goodness, knowledge and hope.

Bringing all these elements together at Marina Bay, the countdown was created as a start of a new tradition unique to Singapore, to celebrate the collective hopes and dreams of all Singaporeans.

Back: GJ, Sarah, Gary, Kevin (my younger bro)
Front: Kevin Yap and Tommy

Jovan & friends

From left: Candice, Ferynn, Angeline, Sarah, Terri & Jasmine

Back: Preston, Jim, Andy, Gary, Kevin, Darren
Front: Yong Peng, me, Jovan, Victor & Tommy

Me & Jim

Sheena, me & Esther

Me & Terence Yeo (Blogger at












Happy New Year!!!

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colors burst
Make 'em go, oh
You're gonna leave 'em falling down

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It's always been inside of you, you, you
And now it's time to let it through

The fireworks remind me of the song "Firework" sangs by Katty Perry.

This year we have a 8 minutes long fireworks display!!!

Thanks Jim for helping me to take this picture with the beautiful fireworks!!!

Here's a video of the fireworks display (Including wishes from my friends):

You may also view my video of the fireworks display at:

Let's welcome the year which is bright and colouful like this picture!!!
Let's cherish each moment it beholds in the NEW YEAR!!!
Let's celebrate this blissful NEW YEAR!!
Have a promising and fulfilling NEW YEAR!!!

Check out what the other Official Blogger's blog post too at

Pictures taken with Nikon COOLPIX S1100pj
Powered by , Urban Redevelopment Authority & Marina Bay Singapore


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