Guinness Live Round 31- SILING vs BENITA

It's round 31 of Guinness Live! And that night at Shanghai Dolly, we have two pretty ladies, Siling and Benita! Some rules for Guinness Live had changed and I think this is a good news to all contestants. They are now able to choose 3 songs to sing for each round.

Siling came out with a cool black outfit and engaged with the audience in clapping hands.
That night she chose an English song- "I hate myself for loving you" and wowed the audience.

Wow, Siling changed her outfit for her next song. Gorgeous!!!

Benita of Team Shanghai Dolly

Benita performing at her best that night. Think she got a sweet voice and good vocal.

The invited guest judges had a hard time deciding the winner...
But a competition is still a competition and the judges have to decide the winner.

Congrats to Benita for winning that night! Jiayou Siling!

Terence, Jess, Shu Qing and myself having a good time with Guinness after the competition.
Looking forward for the next Guinness Live


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