Cammi Tse to expose Edison's Bed Skills!!!

Few days back there were rumours on Edison Chen again!!! This time the rumour speculated that Edison Chen (陈冠希) may be back together with 17-year-old model and school girl, Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙) after the breakup last Novemeber due to the scandal incident in Nov 2011. But in Feb 2012, a witness spotted Cammi leaving Edison's apartment and this rumours had leaded many people to think that the pair had re-ignited love sparks.

Cammi Tse’s Photos in Pink Undies Leaked: In February 2012, photos of Cammi Tse in pink panties were leaked on the web. Cammi lay sprawled on her bed wearing striped boy-shorts, in various suggestive poses. The photos showed the curve of her bottom and legs. The photos went viral and Cammi was again back in tabloid news headlines.

Cammi releasing her autobiography book
Cammi will be releasing her autobiography later this year and it is liklyhood she will expose Edison Chen’s bed skill on her autography book.

Thinking back, was this her plan of MARKETING OUT HER BOOK TO MAKE MONEY?
In Nov 2011, Edison and Cammi’s kissing photos surfaced widely. It was speculated that Cammi may have released the photos herself, in order to gain publicity using Edison's popularity.

And because Cammi was only 16 years old at the time, public outrage ensued that 31-year-old Edison was nearly robbing the cradle! Concerns arose as to whether the pair had sexual relations and whether Edison may have slept with an underage Cammi. Eager to deflect the scandalous rumors, Edison announced that he and Cammi had broken up.

And on Cammi's side, she admitted to filming an erotic video for Edison’s private viewing pleasure, professing she was clothed in the video clip, but was too scared to reveal additional details. Since Cammi’s romance with Edison was exposed, she went from an unknown model to an overnight celebrity.

Capitalizing on the intense public interest, Cammi will be releasing an autobiography later this year. Cammi stated that she will write about “the romantic stories of a teenage girl, regarding past dating relationships with ex-boyfriends.” No doubt, Cammi will be writing about her relationship with Edison Chen!