We missed XLBs!!!

Me and my group of blogger friends just miss eating Eastern Restaurant's XIAO LONG BAO!!!
And so last week we went there for dinner again!!!

I would say this is a great dinning place if you are looking for Shanghai Cuisine in Orchard area!!!
Price is reasonable too!!!

Check out what we had!!!

Terence with the XLBs! 
It's only $4!!!

Jessie & Shuqing with XLBs!!!

Wanton in Hot Chilli Sauce- $6

HongPeng loves this Wanton!!!

Terence what is that? Pizza?

Nope, it is acually Shrimp Omellet- $13

This dish is Jessie's favorite!!!
 Kangkong with beancurd sauce- $8.80

Homemade Pork Belly- $11.80
The meat is very tender!!! Like can melt in the mouth kind!!!

Ma Po Tofu- $9
A bit spicy but really nice!!! Mixed with rice is the best!!!

Sliced Fish with Ginger & Onion- $12

Crispy Spring Roll- $3

Fried rice with Shrimp, Chicken ham- $12

Braised Pork Belly- $13.80
Another MUST TRY!!!

Steamed Prawn Dumpling- $6

While we are eating, I saw the "SHI FU" in the kitchen making "La Mian"

Custard Bun- $4.50

Chinese Herbal Jelly- $4.80

Sweetened White Fungus- $3.50
White Fungus they said it is good for complexion!!!
So drink more!!!

Ginger tea with rice ball- $3.80

Eastern Restaurant

Address: Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, #01-57

Call 67362638 to book a table today!!!

Click "Like" at their facebook page and get 5% off your bill!!!



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