I'm the "De Facto Leader of Kiehl's Boys"!!!

Hi everybody!!!
Recently read on the Strait Times about Kiehl's hiring male promoters for their events and
I'm really honoured to be given this title "De Facto Leader of the Kiehl's Boys" as written on the article

Published on Strait Times (16 Mar 2012)

I started working for Kiehl's since 2007 as a Kiehl's Boy for their roadshow, workshop and events.

It had been a great time working with Kiehl's and through Kiehl's I have learnt a lot!
And maybe it was also because of my character that I like making new friends, I soon became the co-ordinator or rather the In-charge of the Kiehl's boys.

Thanks Kiehl's for entrusting me this task and giving me this opportunity to experience as a co-ordinator for the Kiehl's Boys.

Here are some photo taken with the boys which I gathered from my computer!!!

Looking back!!! 

Sweet memories!!! =)

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