Tiger Translate Elevates the Music and Art Experience with Suspended Animation

Sheena & Idris welcoming the guests.

Guests created their personal motion art pieces as part of the first instalment of the Tiger Translate Crystal Series 

On 11 April 2012, Tiger Beer Singapore presented
 its latest Tiger Translate event to over 300 guests at 15 Minutes, a cafe located at LASALLE College of the Arts. Organised as part of a new Tiger Translate Crystal Series launched here, the event was anchored by Tiger Crystal, a variant of world acclaimed and Singapore’s most popular beer brand, Tiger Beer.

The event was conceptualised with the theme of Suspended Animation, inspired by the filtering technique used as part of the process to produce Tiger Crystal called “Cold Suspension”, and provided an audio-visual experience to guests, in line with the global positioning of Tiger Translate as a platform to enrich and bring new perspectives to consumers’ beer experiences.

With Darren Dubwise from local group Syndicate and guest DJ Isaac Aesili from New Zealand performing a mix of cutting-edge beats throughout, guests were encouraged to draw out their personal expressions of creativity through art and music at interactive projections installed at the venue. These projections generated graphics based on motion and were able to display them as art pieces to produce different suspended animation works.

Guests had to simply be in front of each interactive wall and create a series of movements and gestures to produce their very own motion art which they were able to take home. Another interactive area allowed guests to jump on a trampoline and their movements were captured as graphic animation on a screen. The motion art pieces from the event will also be uploaded onto the Tiger Translate Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/tigertranslate).

“Tiger Translate is all about engaging our consumers through a multi-sensory fusion of art, design and music, and we wanted to stay true to this message with this event by focusing on the theme of motion capture as a visual art form. We are encouraged and pleased with the response from guests who enjoyed drawing out individual levels of creative expression and this different perspective to enjoying Tiger Crystal”, said Mr. Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, APBS.

Throughout the event, guests enjoyed refreshing and easy-to-drink Tiger Crystal and were also able to take home exclusive and limited silk-screened Tiger Translate T-shirts designed by local visual and audio specialist, Kiat of Syndicate.

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Photo with 5 pretty Tiger Beer's Models

The next instalment of the Tiger Translate Crystal Series will be announced in the near future.Launched in 2005, Tiger Translate is a global creative platform that showcases the best in art, design, music and photography by creatives from the East and West. Tiger Translate serves as an opportunity for consumers to “transform their world” based on their individual expression.

For more information, visit Tiger Beer’s website at http://www.TigerBeer.com.sg.
About Tiger Crystal
Tiger Crystal is a refreshingly crisp beer with an alcohol level of 4.3% by volume. It retains the same robust flavour of a full-bodied brew, providing a smooth and velvety palate, followed by a clean aftertaste when consumed.

Another aspect that sets it apart from Tiger Beer is Tiger Crystal’s elegant aesthetics. Available only in 300ml bottles, the brew is encased in crystal-clear flint glass to showcase its crystal-like translucency, playing up Tiger Crystal’s premium quality and exuding a refreshing appearance.
For more information about Tiger Crystal, please log on to Tiger Beer Singapore’s website at http://tigerbeer.com.sg/crystal.aspand official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TigerBeer.sg