Recently the Gangnam Style Dance is so HOT & CRAZY EVERYWHERE!!!
There are more and more Gangnam Style Video coming up!!!
Which is your favourite?

Check out some of the top videos I found for you all to enjoy!!!
Time to "Oppa Gangnam Style" and relax a bit from your work or studies....

Was it the Mother and son one you like? 




Oppa KL Style  

Singapore also have a few!!!
This one is called the "GAN CHEONG" Style!!!  

So which is your favourite Gangnam style video? 
or you still prefer PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V?  

Who is PSY?
Making his debut in 2001 with an extraordinary song ‘Bird’, PSY is steadily beloved by the public for more than a decade now. Ever since his first song, PSY has maintained his unique musical color in producing various hit songs such as ‘Champion, ‘Paradise, ‘Entertainer, ‘Right Now’, and ‘Shake It’. With two years of preparation, PSY finally came back on July 18th of 2012 with his brand new album [PSY 6甲] Part 1. to heat up the summer of the whole world. Creating a strong sensation around the globe with his title song ‘Gangnam Style’, PSY rewrote K-POP history by setting a record of 100 million hits on YouTube, and by entering U.S. “iTunes TOP10 SONGS” list. Also, PSY attended ‘2012 MTV Video Music Awards’, a prestigious awards ceremony of the United States, as a representative artist of Korea. Famous for his special dance performance, touching lyrics, and witty stage manners, PSY constantly seeks to communicate with fans through his annual brand concert “PSY SUMMER STAND, THE DRENCHED SHOW”.

Read more about PSY: 



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